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Mad Tom of Bedlam and Other Stories

Our latest album (released in 2014) is called Mad Tom of Bedlam and other stories and features An Croenen on vocals.

Mad Tom of Bedlam and Other Stories CD


  1. Mad Tom of Bedlam (Trad)
  2. Barbara Allen > Sportsman’s Hornpipe (Trad)
  3. All Things are Quite Silent (Trad)
  4. The Banks of the Sweet Primroses (Trad)
  5. Perfect Cure (Trad)
  6. The Golden Vanity (Trad)
  7. Benjamin Bowmaneer (Trad)
  8. The Mermaid (Trad)
  9. New Hornpipes > Savage Hornpipe (D Shepherd / Trad)
  10. Joseph Baker (P Coe)
  11. Princess Royal > Twin Sisters (Trad)

Selfheal, Foxglove and Feverfew

Our third album which was released in February 2012 is called Selfheal, Foxglove and Feverfew, a line taken from the song The Healer which was written by Chester songsmith, Barbara Cunningham.

Selfheal, Foxglove and Feverfew CD


  1. Drive the Cold Winter Away > The Virgin Queen > Bobbing Joe (Trad)
  2. Je M’endors > Mominette (Trad / M Heintzen)
  3. Nobody’s Jig > Mr Lane’s Maggot > Black and Grey (Trad)
  4. The Healer (B Cunningham)
  5. The New Hornpipes > Savage Hornpipe (D Shepherd / Trad)
  6. Ronde Pour Quoy > Shepherd’s Dance > The Short Measure Off My Lady Wynkfylds Rownde (T Susato / Trad)
  7. Young Girl Cut Down In Her Prime > Anything But That (Trad / H Armstrong)
  8. Chester Hornpipe > Chester Castle (Trad)
  9. Sons of Freedom (Trad)
  10. The Kent Set: Five Bells > Rifle Volunteers > The Man o’ Kent (J Matthews)
  11. Parting Glass (Trad)
  12. The Creampot > Zycanthos Jig (Trad / R Wilson)

*Unfortunately this CD is out of stock and is unlikely to be reprinted.

Cold Air of Morning

Released in May 2009 Cold Air of Morning is the Time Bandits second CD. It contains fourteen pieces of music ranging from renaissance dance music, traditional songs and material written by the band themselves.

Cold Air of Morning CD


  1. The Fox and the Geese > The Feathers (Trad) Play track
  2. The Lowlands of Holland (Trad) Play track
  3. Mercer’s Daughter > The Salamander (J. Matthews)
  4. The Topman and the Afterguard > Eight Step Waltz (Trad / D. Shepherd)
  5. Christmas Day in the Morning > Rory of the Hills (Trad) Play track
  6. Belle qui tiens ma vie > Branle de Bourgogne > Branle de l’ Official (Trad)
  7. High Germany (Trad)
  8. Boys of the Mill > The RSB (C. Stapleton / A Cutting)
  9. Ffarwel I’r Marian > Cader Idris (Trad)
  10. Moth > The Goddess (A. Lister / Trad)
  11. Miller of Dee > The Bishop of Chester’s Jig (Trad)
  12. Cordon Noir (Trad)

Bonus tracks

  1. The Fox and the Geese > The Feathers (Albion Remix)
  2. The Lowlands of Holland (Albion Remix)

Pepper’s Black

Released in May 2006 Pepper’s Black is the Time Bandits first CD. It contains ten sets of tunes that include renaissance dance music, pieces from Playford’s Dancing Master of 1651 and more contemporary Anglo-European dance music.

Pepper's Black CD


  1. Saint Paul’s Steeple > Ye Bourrée Play track
  2. Laride > An Dro Play track
  3. Pepper’s Black (to the tune of Kettledrum) > Kemp’s Jig > Jack a Lent > La Morisque Play track
  4. Moll Peatly > Halfe Hannikin
  5. Branle Gay Nouveau > Branle
  6. Spanish Jig > Blowzabella
  7. Sellenger’s Round > Holmes Fancy > Cuckolds all a Row
  8. Les Filles de Mon Pays > Bourrée
  9. Crinkle Gill
  10. La Bourrée (Albion Remix)

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